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UNM Curanderismo Class

The Traditional Medicine without Borders:  Curanderismo in the Southwest and Mexico class is offered three different ways:

  1. As a non-credit free (or small fee based certificate) Coursera course.
  2. As a for credit UNM online class.
  3. As a for credit two-week summer course

Oaxaca Class

Oaxaca flyer Dr. Torres is co-teaching the Oaxaca class in 2019 with Dr. Terry Crowe.  This is a unique interdisciplinary class offered at both the graduate and undergraduate level to a limited number of students. Please contact Dr. Terry Crowe if you are intested in registering.  

2019 Curanderismo through Coursera

enrollment buttoncoursera logoAn online version of the Traditional Medicine without Borders:  Curanderismo in the Southwest and Mexico, will be offered as 4 different courses through Coursera beginning in January, 2019.

Each of the 4 short courses, will feature distinct areas of Curanderismo.  This four-part series of courses doesn't need to be taken in any particular order. 

Please visit the our other ways to take the class/coursera online courses site for more information on the series:

**Registration is currently open for the Coursera Curanderismo:  Traditional Healing Using Plants class only.  Registration for the other classes in the series will open soon.**

Two-week Summer class returns July 8-19, 2019

2019 Class ad

2 ways to take the Summer 2019 Class

Students have both a credit and non-credit option.

For Credit

UNM Registration button

  • Registration opens in April 2019

  • Must be a registered UNM student 

  • Cost is current price for 3 credit hours

Department Course Offerings: Graduate: LLSS 593-010, 

Undergraduate: LLSS 493-010, LTAM 400-010,

RELG 347-001, SPAN 301-003, CCS 393-009, 

NATV 450-004, UHON 301-001

(please see your advisor for more details.)


CE registration button

  • Registration open in April 2019

  • No college credit

  • Cost is $350

UNM online Curanderismo Part 2: Global Perspectives of Traditional Healing

This class is offered for UNM credit only.  You must be a registered UNM student to take this course under one of the following sections:  Graduate:  LLSS 593 Undergraduate:  LLSS 493, CCS 393, RELG 347, UHON 301, NATV 450

Login in to you my.unm.edu portal to register. 

 Disclaimer: These courses, and the material provided, are designed for information purposes only. This class is not meant to train, certify, and/or substitute the advice, diagnoses, and/or treatment of any medical condition. Please consider professional assistance for any personal needs.

For more information on the class please email curanderismo@unm.edu or call (505) 277-4296.