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Disclaimer: This course, and the material provided, is designed for information purposes only. This class is not meant to train, certify, and/or substitute the advice, diagnoses, and/or treatment of any medical condition. Please consider professional assistance for any personal needs.

2 Weeks 3 Credits 

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2 ways to take the Summer 2018 Class

Students have both a credit and non-credit option.

For Credit

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Department Course Offerings (CRN): Graduate: LLSS 593-010,  Undergraduate: LLSS 493-010, LTAM 400-010, RELG 347-001, SPAN 301-003, CCS 393-009, NATV 450-004, UHON 301-001

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2 easy ways to take this class:

  1. Summer only:  2 week in person for UNM credit or Continuing Education non-credit or CEU options
  2. Fall and Spring only:  Online UNM credit course

(video credit:  Benson Hendrix, UNM University and Communications Department)

(video credit: Rebecca Gustaf, UNM Health Sciences Center)

(video credit: Cynthia Gomez (producer and director for Pipestone Productions)

This course uses instructors who are healers and health practitioners from the Southwest, Mexico and the Albuquerque community to provide information on the history of Curanderismo (the art of Mexican Folk Healing) in the Southwest and Mexico.

It explores an integrative approach to medicine and featuring demonstrations that incorporate Curanderismo with various traditional and holistic health techniques.

For more information on the class please email curanderismo@unm.edu or call (505) 277-4296.