About the Instructors

Cheo bio photoDr. Eliseo "Cheo" Torres

Since he was a boy growing up on the border of Texas and Mexico, Eliseo Torres, known to everyone as “Cheo,” has been fascinated by the folk traditions and folkways of Mexico and of his Mexican American roots. Both of his parents were versed in aspects of herbal lore and healing, and as he matured he learned from them a love and respect for the history and folk knowledge of the ancient art of curanderismo, or Mexican folk healing.

Now, Eliseo "Cheo" Torres is a retired administrator at the University of New Mexico, where he was Vice President for Student Affairs. Currently, he is a member of the Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies faculty. Cheo regularly lectures and offers a Summer class and online courses on the history, herbal remedies, and rituals of Curanderismo to audiences ranging from scholars and students to people hoping to become knowledgeable about alternative and traditional medicine, including lay people and medical professionals alike.  Before coming to New Mexico, his most recent role was Vice President for Student Affairs and Professor at the Texas A&M University-Kingsville.   

He has published seven books on his life in and research on his subject area.  His most recent books are: Curanderismo:  The Art of Traditional Medicine without Borders, and Curandero: Traditional Healers of Mexico and the Southwest published by Kendall Hunt Publishing Company, and previously published: Curandero: A Life in Mexican Folk Healing, and Healing with Herbs and Rituals: A Mexican Tradition, both available from the University of New Mexico Press.


Mario picturePhD Candidate Mario Del Ángel Guevara

Mario Esteban Del Angel Guevara was born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico where he obtained his bachelor's degree in Bilingual education at the “Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo Leon”. He is a PhD candidate in Hispanic Linguistics researching Nuevo Mexicano Spanish at the Department of Spanish and Portuguese where he has taught courses in Spanish as a Second Language, Heritage language, Medical Spanish and currently teaches bilingual courses on Curanderismo Traditional Medicine of Mexico and the Southwest. Besides teaching, his work also includes translating and interpreting Spanish-English on topics related to traditional medicine and as mentor for transfer students for the CNM-UNM Mellon Transfer Initiative for the Humanities. Doctoral candidate Mario del Angel has received certificates on Legal, Business and Medical Spanish-English translation by the National Center for Interpretation at the University of Arizona. Some of his major translated publications include three books on Curanderismo and a book on finances for U.S. Latinos.