Harley_Quinn Alonzo photo

Harley-Quinn Alonzo

Harley-Quinn Alonzo was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and raised in Tucson, Arizona.She had her first solo out of country experience at the age of 16 as a volunteer with Amigos de Las Americas. Volunteering in Oaxaca, Mexico inspired her to learn Spanish. She graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in Spanish and a minor in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of New Mexico in 2016. During her time at UNM, she worked as an events coordinator for the City of Albuquerque, and was the Cultural Director for UNM Student Special Events. She studied abroad in Salamanca, Spain, and was given another opportunity to return to Oaxaca, Mexico as a course participant of “Introduction to Mexican Traditional Medicine”, which sparked her curiosity and desire to learn more about traditional healing practices. After graduating she obtained a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate and taught English abroad in Peru as well as Guatemala. While in Guatemala, she encountered a group of healers through a course titled “Medecina Interculteral Ancestral” presented by COISOLA (Colectivo de Investigaciones Sociales y Laborales) and Universidad Intercultural Indígena de Michoacán, which will be the focus of her presentation. She has always been motivated and inspired by events that bring people together to share a common interest, especially when it comes to traditional medicine, music and food.

Valentina and Olga

Valentina Lopez Argueta and Olga Burrero

Valentina López Argueta is a K'iche' Maya, originally from Momostenango, Totonicapán, Guatemala. She retired 15 years ago from her job as a Bi-lingual elementary school teacher, teaching in both Spanish and  K'iche'.  She is a Mayan, spiritual guide, using traditional fire ceremonies to help her patients.  She specializes in women and children with health problems.  She and her husband are part of the Spiritual Healers Council in Rabinal, Guatemala.   She is the spiritual guide for the Mayan organization, Qachuu Aloom in Guatemala. Last year, she began a partnership with Qachuu Aloom, The Garden's Edge, Dr. Starr and Dr. Lucero of Red Root Acupuncture in Albuquerque.  They are working together to incorporate traditional healing methods and plants into Qachuu Aloom's Maternal Health and Nutrition Program.  

Olga Burrero is Achi Maya, from the village of Panacal, Guatemala.   She has been studying native plants and midwifery, and is a youth leader in Qachuu Aloom's maternal health program.  She is working to incorporate medicinal plants into families gardens and helps moms develop healthy recipes using native plants.  She also assesses and helps treat children under 5 years old suffering from chronic malnutrition.   She is further advancing her studies of traditional medicine with Dr. Starr and Dr.Lucero of Red Root Acupuncture.   Her dream is to study to be a spiritual guide and learn more traditional healing methods to use in her work at Qachuu Aloom.  

Lorenzo Candelaria photo

Lorenzo Candaleria

Seventy two years old and seventh generation Atrisco farmer.  The topic we are discussing is very dear to my heart and those lessons were taught to me by my grandmother who guided me to the understanding of the sacredness of the earth.   I come from a family of six siblings and my father and grandfather before him back seven generations have been farming this land in Atrisco for almost 300 years.  

Cardona photo

Eduardo Cardona

Dr. Cardona-Sanclemente is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Medicine (UK). His medical andscientific career spans professorships and senior research posts at some of Europe’s mostdistinguished medical schools and universities including Institut Pasteur; Salpêtrière Hospital;Institut Biomedical des Cordeliers, Paris, France; University of Perugia Medical School, Italy;King's College London, The William Harvey Research Institute/St. Bartholomew's HospitalMedical College, London, UK.After graduating in Medical Sciences he completed his Masters in Clinical Biochemistry andhis PhD in the mechanism of neurotransmitters. For his Docteur d’Etat (Doctor of Science)thesis in Physiopathology of Nutrition at the Sorbonne, France he was awarded the highestDistinction Très Honorable. In parallel he has been studying integrative medicine and holds aMasters in Ayurvedic Medicine, Middlesex University, London, UK with rigorous internships atAVP Hospital Coimbatore and Udupi where he held Visiting Professorships.He is a Member of the NHS Directory of Complementary & Alternative Practitioners andpresided for several years the Research Committee Director of the Ayurvedic ProfessionalAssociation (APA, UK).Now in the US, he is a certified Ayurvedic Doctor by the NAMA,US (National Ayurvedic MedicalAssociation, certified Professional level) based in the Bay area, working in collaboration withDr. Vasant Lad, of the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico, lecturing at Bastyr University, Seattleand the Pierre and Marie Curie Institute, Sorbonne University, France and in addition aninternational lecturer and consultant creating awareness of the value of Ayurveda andintegrative medicine.
Ricardo Carrillo

Ricardo Carillo, Ph.D. 

Ricardo Carrillo is the Director of Psychological Training for Comprehensive Crisis Services for the Department of Public Health in San Francisco, CA.  He is a student of Laurencio Lopes Nunez and Dona Enriqueta Contreras, both from Oaxaca, Mexico. He specializes in the treatment of Susto. He is most recognized as an expert witness and international consultant in the areas of family therapy, domestic violence, cross cultural psychology, forensic psychology, and cultural competence.  He has provided leadership in the areas of program development with domestic violence offenders, Latino mental health, and chemical dependency populations.  He attended the California School of Professional Psychology in Fresno, CA.   He has taught for ten years in professional psychology schools in the Bay area.  He maintains a private practice in Redwood City and Oakland, CA and continues to provide professional consultation to a variety of agencies.  He is the Director of Training and Technical Assistance for the National Latino Alliance on Domestic Violence (Alianza) in the Latino Community and the National Compadres Network, Inc. He has 26 years of recovery and stems from several generations of addicts. He performs the evaluations for MLB baseball players in the domestic violence policy.  Dr. Carrillo enjoys the performing and culinary arts.  He is a member of Squeeze Box Sabroso, a Mexican American band. He is the father of Regina and Reynaldo, and grandfather to David Valenzuela,  Micah Preciado, Kiara Preciado and Reyna, Nellie and Ellis Tenoch Carrillo.   He is the co-founder of the Latino Men’s Circle that is dedicated to living as a noble man and an advisory board member of the National Latino Compadres network and the National Latino Fatherhood Institute.  

Rose Elizondo

Rose Elizondo

Rose Elizondo is a Soros Justice Fellow working in Northern Arizona and Navajo Nation promoting traditional peacemaking as an alternative to the retributive criminal justice system. She has done healing work in California, Texas and Navajo communities with people who are survivors of violence, incarcerated populations, formerly incarcerated, people who lost loved ones to homicide and youth whose parents are incarcerated. She has developed a wide range of Restorative Justice programs, trainings, and practices in schools and communities in the US and Mexico. She has coordinated many creative healing and RJ programs, which include dance, poetry, green graffiti murals and art exhibits. In 2005, she co-founded the San Quentin Prison RJ Interfaith Roundtable with a handful of incarcerated men. Now over 200 incarcerated men/transgender people sit in circles each week. As a community organizer, she co-founded the North Oakland Restorative Justice Council which does innovative grassroots community RJ work. Rose is a ninth generation native South Texan, home to many traditional healers.

Tomas Enos

Dr. Tomas Enos

Dr. Tomas Enos, President of Milagro Herbs, Inc. in Santa Fe, New Mexico is an ethnobotanist, teacher, and natural products formulator.  Based upon his education and experience of over 28 years in the herb business, Dr Enos has demonstrated success in developing natural products for national distribution.  Dr. Enos received his PhD from Union Institute and University in 2001 after completing a two year apprenticeship and study of traditional healing practices in Oaxaca, Mexico which culminated in his dissertation on curanderismo and holistic healing.  He continues to practice this centuries-old system of health that treats body, mind, and spirit through applications of herbal medicine, counseling, reflexology, massage, and visualization techniques.  Dr. Enos has been a faculty member at the Institute of American Indian Arts (Ethnobotany) in Santa Fe; instructor at Ecoversity, Inc. (Herbal Medicine); and private consultant/teacher to individuals and groups interested in native plants of the Southwest United States.  He has served as an agricultural/botanical consultant to NASA, the 22 Indian tribes of New Mexico, New Mexico State University, New Mexico Department of Agriculture, the U.S Department of Agriculture, and numerous independent entities. He maintains an active business profile through Milagro Herbs with a retail store in downtown Santa Fe.  His company has been a member of the Santa Fe Farmers Market for 20 years where he has sold fresh herbal products and he continues to expand his mail order/Internet business both nationally and internationally.  The current product line of over 100 herbal and cosmetic items features organic and wild harvested plants collected by Dr. Enos and his staff.  Dr. Enos has conducted extensive ethnobotanical research in Mexico, Central America, and South America to identify viable phytomedicinals for human health.  His company currently imports plant medicines from the rainforests and marine ecosystems which are subsequently incorporated into El Milagro Herbs’ unique and proprietary product line.  Contact or for more information and references. Milagro Herbs – 1500 5th St. #6, Santa Fe, NM 87505.  (505) 820-6321

Anthony Fleg

Anthony Fleg

Anthony Fleg considers himself a love activist, grounded in a deep belief that love can serve as a vehicle toward equity, justice and social transformation. He is from Baltimore, but now happily lives in New Mexico with his 4 children and wife Shannon. He is a family physician who thinks of his work of healing as “occasionally done with a stethoscope, more often done in communities…done with youth and elders, done through art, language, culture, and LOVE…done through listening more than through talking.” Anthony is a co-founder of the Native Health Initiative, a partnership to address health inequities through loving service and is a faculty member at the University of New Mexico in the Dept of Family and Community Medicine and in the College of Population Health. ​

Shannon Fleg

Shannon Fleg, is a Dine’ (Navajo) public health consultant. She is a proud
mother of four (4) beautiful children, wife, daughter, and friend. She has
about 18 years of experience working as a health educator, as well as working
with Native American Indian communities to improve the health of Indigenous
and Tribal Community members. She currently serves as the Partnership
Director for the Native Health Initiative organization; coordination,
implementation, and evaluation of programs that address health inequities in
the Indigenous communities. She integrates her cultural knowledge into
health programs, while promoting cultural humility and cultural awareness.

Margarita Garcia

Margaret Garcia, B.S.  is a mother, wife, a local hierbera, and food scientist.  She was raised in the mountains of Northern New Mexico where her family has lived for 12 generations.  Her family taught her to identify local herbs and how to use herbs and food as medicines.  Margaret is passionate about the maintenance of traditional land-based knowledge and culture, especially food and herbs.  She and her husband, Miguel Santistevan, live in Taos, NM with their two daughters. They maintain a conservation farm, called Sol Feliz Farm, where many visitors have participated in educational presentations, tours and hands-on workshops.

Rodney Garcia photo

Dr. Rodney Garcia

Rodney Garcia was born into a Cuban, immigrant family and grew up in Miami, Florida.  Originating from the Cuban countryside, his farther emphasized an appreciation for gardening and wholesome foods while his mother taught the usefulness of traditional healing and plant medicines.  This early exposure formed the groundwork for a lifelong interest in the healing arts. During his medical training at New York's Weil-Cornell Medical Center and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center he worked as an Anesthesiologist specializing in cancer and critical care.  At these medical centers he grew to appreciate the need for an integrated approach in medical practice;  one where Body, Mind and Spirit are all engaged towards achieving balance and health.  At Memorial Sloan-Kettering he began a fellowship where he worked on gaining experience in Integrated Medicine and End-of-Life care.  In an effort to further understand his evolving perspective of healing as a force beyond physical explanation, he attended a Shamanic initiation hosted by The Open Center in New York City.  His further exploration in Sacred Traditional Medicine use among Tribal and Shamanic Cultures led to his involvement with The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies.  These introductions into Curanderismo brought his medicine path to the place where he began to envision an amalgamation of Traditional Healing practices and Allopathic Medicine. Rodney Garcia is an apprentice in Peruvian Curanderismo Coastal and Highland Lineages under don Oscar Miro-Quesada.   In the Peruvian Amazon he apprenticed under don Enrique Lopez Fasanando, an Ayahuasca Maestro of the Shipibo Lineage at Inkan Kena Centro Espiritual.  When Rodney moved to New Mexico he was invited to participate in the Traditional Medicine without Borders Class by Cheo Torres.  Through the Curanderismo Class he has been privileged to learn the Meso-American traditions under Rita Navarrete and Toñita Gonzales locally and in Mexico City.  Rodney also works with the Mayan Curandera-Espiritu, Flordemayo at The Path and Seed Temple in Estancia, New Mexico with an emphasis on preserving ancient seed lineages and strengthening food sovereignty. At present Rodney is an Anesthesiologist at Presbyterian Medical Center in Albuquerque.  He co-owns Curandero Garden, his homestead where they grow organic foods and medicinal plants employing sustainable farming practices.  

Mayahuel Garza

Tonita photo

Tonita Gonzales

Tonita received her Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics, and Bachelors of Arts in Graphic Design from The American University in Washington DC. She recently completed her studies of Traditional Medicine at the University of Mexico, Morelos, at Centro de Desarollo Humano Hacia La Comunidad. She completed her diplomados in Acupuncture, Medicinal Plants, Massage (Sobadas), and Temazcal. In addition, Tonita worked side by side with several different Curanderos throughout Mexico. She was honored to be asked to be an apprentice for Rita Navarrete Perez. Rita Navarrete Perez is internationally known for her expertise in Temazcal, Medicinal Plants, Massage, Nutrition, and Counseling. Tonita worked in Rita’s Clinic and Temazcal in Mexico City, and School/Clinic in Jilotepec Mexico, that focuses on women who are survivors of Domestic Violence. She continues to work with Rita, and is honored to have such an amazing Maestra in her life.  Read more...
Maria Teresa Baeza Guevara picture

Maria Teresa Baeza Guevara

Born in the city of Delicias, Chihuahua, she is the 3rd of 9 children in her family and has 5 children of her own with her husband, Manuel Terrazas Marquez: Fabiola, Manuel, Maria Teresa, Luis Guillermo, and Sebastian. As an instructor for “Jardin de Niños”, she worked in different educational centers for the Federal Government from 1980 – 2013 and has worked serving the education sector for 30 years. She studied in Chihuahua, Chihuahua and obtained a Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education, a Bachelor’s in Audiology and Language, a Master’s in Educational Management, and is Professor in Early Childhood Education. In 2004 she began working on a project with her husband, Manuel Terrazas Marquez, when she saw the surprising benefits that the Oregano oil had on her youngest son who suffered from bronchial asthma. She also saw the surprising benefits that it had in the health of her entire family, each of whom had different ailments. With that, she began working alongside her husband with this project while also working in the education sector, taking care of her family, and learning and studying the enormous benefits of Oregano oil.

Alex Jackson photo

Alex Jackson

Alex is a Holistic Health Practitioner in Traditional Maya Medicine who cofounded Centered Spirit – Cultural & Holistic Center.  He is a graduate of the Massage Therapy Training Institute of Kansas City, MO, with a National Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.  Alex is a certified practitioner in the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy.  For over a decade, Alex’s primary focus in his practice has been on traditional ways to heal the body and spirit through the abdomen.  Proper balance in the core can resolve many physical ailments and emotional traumas.  Alex sees the abdomen as the doorway to achieve this balance or “Centered Spirit.”  Traditional Maya Medicine has been at the core of his work, often providing the missing link in healthcare for his patients.  Alex’s passion is to bring this ancient healing wisdom to our modern world.  Alex treats acute and chronic health conditions in women and men.  His treatments address menstrual/reproductive issues, digestive disorders, post-surgical scar tissue/adhesions, musculoskeletal pain and chronic anxiety/nervous system problems. 

Lucero and Vega photo

Elisa Lucero and Kathy Vega

Elisa Lucero and Katherine Vega are trained drum circle facilitators. Each has decades of experience sitting and participating in various kinds of community building circles and each has their own experience with finding medicine with the drum. Elisa Lucero came to drum medicine 26 years ago through the Lakota Sundance Ceremony.  She danced 12 years and has been given permission by her Sundance chiefs to share some songs with the people. Right before leaving New York City to come to New Mexico, Katherine Vega was introduced to the drum by one of her Elders.  For the past 14 years, she has been drawn to it to help her go within as part of her own healing journey.  With the drum we tap into the pulse that runs through us all. As we tap into the Universal pulse, we begin to connect with each other, our community and our Mother Earth. With the drum we all have a voice. Let’s come together in one heartbeat to celebrate our lives through music, song and prayer! In the drum we find healing, celebration and some of our most sacred moments. The medicine of the drum begins with your own heartbeat. Ancestors Drum has facilitated hundreds of drum circles with all populations ranging from severe Alzheimer’s patients to incarcerated youth.  Every drum circle is a collective prayer for the Earth and all life. Medicine Drum Circle

Monica photo

Dr. Monica Lucero 

Dr. Monica Lucero DOM is a Native New Mexican that has dedicated her life to preserving traditional medicine in all its forms.  She is a Nationally Licensed Acupuncturist, Sobadora (traditional body worker) and herbalist, with passion and love for Native Herbs.  She currently practices at Two Red Brother's Herbal Apothecary and at Del Corazon Medicine.  

Mino photo

Sheripiari Ashéninka Mino

Ashéninka (Brother) Mino  was born in a palm tree hut and grew up in the Ashéninka Indigenous Community in the central jungle of Perú. His first native language is Ashéninka. He comes from a family of healers. His grandfather, Sheripiari (healer, in Ashéninka language) Kentzikoari, traveled on foot and by spirit to many nearby communities to work with sick people. Mino, as a child, was learning as he sat next to and watched his grandfather. It is natural among the Ashéninka to use all the natural elements that grow around them. His parents guided Mino to continue learning the wisdom of the sacred plants that help heal  through Ashéninka Traditional Healing. Mino is a teacher in Intercultural Bilingual Education and Translator for Ashéninka/Castellano, which inspired Mino in the development of primers and reading materials in the Ashéninka language. His first three working documents for reading and writing in the Ashéninka language are "Alphabet Ashéninka", "Nabireri" and "Kamaari Ipoña Ashéninka".  His older sister "Sshibá", currently works as a Naturopathic Doctor, who also profoundly influenced Mino's life. Since 2009, Sheripiari Mino (healer Mino) has continued to develop his traditional knowledge and put into practice his work for the comfort of the North American people using the infinite power of Pawa(God), Sheri(sacred tobacco), sacred stones, sacred fire, sacred feathers to eliminate accumulated negative, and harmful energy which is causing disharmony for the person and their space. Ashéninka Mino currently works in Shabeta's Sheri Garden, an outdoor space for emotional, physical, mental and spiritual healing. Mino works with the support of Maestra Bernadette Torres, (Herbalist, Reiki Master and Nature enthusiast). Mino has been invited to travel to Ohio, Georgia, Seattle, Colorado and many cities in New Mexico to help heal people, their family, their homes and their community. Mino's vision is to continue sowing seeds and growing wholesome communities of plants and people while helping to bring balance to all the beings of Mother Earth. Mino is available for classes, presentations, individual healing, sacred Sheri ceremony, tears and dust of the grandmother. 


Rita photo

Rita Navarrete

Curandera (Traditional Healer), Temazcalera (Mexican Sweat lodge Guide), Sobadora (Energetic and Physical hands on healing), Consejera (Counselor), Yerbera(Herbalist), Nutricionista (Nutritionist), Quiropraxia (Traditional Chiropractor) Orador Motivacional (Motivational Speaker) Rita has been practicing Traditional Healing for over 28 years.   Rita started her practice in Mexico City, and has continued her practice in Cuernavaca, and Jilotepec.  Rita is also the director of Kapulli Mexico, La Cultura Cura, a school and clinic of Traditional Medicine in Jilotepec México.  The school’s goal is to empower survivors of domestic violence to first heal then learn to heal others. Her specialty is working with individuals with cronic illness, and life coaching.  She will tell her patients, “Curanderismo is not magic, I cannot heal you, but I will teach you to heal yourself.” Rita is internationally know as an educator of Rizaterapia (Laugh Therapy), and Temazcal (Mexica sweatlodge).  She is a professor at Centro de Desarollo Hacia La Comunidad, at the University of México, Morelos.  She teaches clases in Temazcal, Massage, and Medicinal Plants.  Her motto is that she would like to implant a seed of knowledge in as many people that cross her path.  Her belief is teaching others will allow her to help preserve traditional medicine. She travels internationally giving lectures and consultations.   Her goal is to educate people on how to bring balance to their lives, spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  

Laurencio Nunez photo

Laurencio Lopez Nunez

Laurencio a well-known curandero, botanist, author, and temazcalero has studied the medicinal qualities of plants for over 15 years. He has written a book on the medicinal qualities of plants. He is an employee of CECIPROC, a local non-governmental organization that has been working with underprivileged communities since 1992 to install ecologically friendly latrines that promote the overall health of the communities he serves. It is one of the first groups to support community gardens fertilized by composted human waste. He is a master teacher in UNM’s Occupational Therapy summer course: Introduction to Mexican Traditional Medicine with Dr. Terry Crowe. The course was designed through a partnership between CECIPROC- a non-government Oaxacan organization working in community health, Tierraventura - a small business offering unique eco-tourism and the University of New Mexico Occupational Therapy Graduate Program in the School of Medicine.
Jorge Partida

Dr. Jorge Patida

Dr. Jorge Partida is a Clinical Psychologist, published author and international speaker. He was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and immigrated to Chicago at the age of nine. Dr. Jorge has been a consultant on many national and international projects in the areas of education, health, community building, diversity and spirituality.  Dr. Jorge has worked with local and national governments to coordinate services for those most impacted by poverty, war and displacement.  He has worked in Liberia, Africa in the repatriation of boy soldiers and has worked to form  “intentional communities” in poverty-impacted countries of Latin-America, including Colombia, Peru, Guatemala, and Mexico.  Dr. Partida is the founder of Sustainable Wellness and Health, a treatment approach integrating native medicine and traditional therapy.  He is the Clinical Director, and Director of Family Treatment at Acadia Malibu. Dr. Jorge has also served as Director of the PsyD program at John F. Kennedy University and as Deputy Director of Behavioral Health with the San Francisco Department of Public Health.

Katia Salas photo

Katia Salas

Katia Salas Jiménez, Register Nurse and Midwife. Born in Quito-Ecuador (South America) country known for its cultural diversity.  She completed her studies as a bachelor’s degree on nursing at the Universidad Central del Ecuador. She is a well-recognized educator on prenatal instruction, certificated at the Universidad Autónoma de Mexico. Katia had explored different techniques and learning about Holistic medicine.  She has specialized in Humanized Childbirth (Parto Humanizado) in Brasil and worked in Child Birth at Home during twenty years. She studied traditional medicines such as: Traditional midwifery and Holistic medicine in Cuzco Peru. She also attended to international conferences and courses in Mexico. At the present time, she is a consultant in The Pachamama Alliance, she has four years of experience working with women of Achuar nationality in the Pastaza and Morona Santiago regions of the Ecuadorian Amazon.”JUNGLE MAMA” Program (IKIAMA NUKURI) mission is to reduce maternal and Infant mortality and morbility by empowering women and communities, ensure safe births and  Education for women’s health. Co-founder of  Comunidad del Buen Parir Nacer, an association without lucrative purposes.

Mark Sciscenti

Mark Sciscenti

I've been giving shamanic cacao/chocolate ceremonies since 2004. My experiences with Spirit is intimately connected with Nature and my visionary experiences go back into childhood. My ceremonial background goes back into the 80's within differing modalities, traditions and experiences. Sandra Ingerman has influenced my shamanic journeying beginning in the 90's, which led me to create a journey group dynamic that melds into the chocolate ceremonies. I participated in a traditional Native American sweat lodge for 6 years in Washington state, the last three of which I was the fire keeper. I studied herbal plant spirit medicine here in Santa Fe in 1999 and I am familiar with the Indigenous Oaxacan tradition of the Temezcal (individual healing/sweat medicine traditional herbal healing) and giving limpias, which are cleansings. Additionally, I studied energy medicine work and received a professional massage license in the late 80's and was in practice for many years in Washington state; Energywork/healing is also integrated into my current expression in CACAO ceremonies. As a professional chocolate historian alchemist and chocolatier since 1999, I created historic drinking chocolate elixirs. I’ve been giving lectures and presentations on the history of chocolate since 2002. I started and owned my own chocolate shop from mid 2005 to mid 2009 in Santa Fe, NM. I currently work at Santa Fe's only craft bean to bar chocolate maker, Art of Chocolate - CACAO Santa Fe, where I continue creating and serving historic drinking chocolate elixirs. It is my blessing to be able to receive the guidance and teachings from my Aumakua, the Cacao Plant Spirit & Chocolate Goddess and all of my Helping & Compassionate Spirits in order to offer my creative gifts. I hold ceremonial healing space and guide people by offering 2-1/2 to 3-hour chocolate ceremonies on Solstice/Equinox, New Moon and/or Full Moon Ceremonies and to those who request as needed. 

Logan Sparks photo

Logan Sparks

Dr. Logan Sparks is a research fellow at the Netherlands Institute Turkey and teaches social science courses for UNM and SIPI.  He is an educator and specialist in the study of ritual. He has done ethnographic fieldwork on healing and ritual practices in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. 

Selma Sroka

Dr. Selma Sroka

Selma Sroka MD, Fellow AZCIM- completed medical training at the U of MN 1991, and Family Medicine Training in 1994, when she joined the Faculty for the Hennepin County Medical Center’s Residency Training Program. She studied plant medicine with Dr. Tieroana Low Dog in her Foundations of Herbal Medicine, and many other teachers. Dr. Sroka completed the U of AZ: Center for Integrative Medicine’s Fellowship Training, started an Integrative Health Clinic at HCMC’s Whittier Clinic and brought the IMR (Integrative Medicine in Residency) curriculum into her program, helping young doctors in training to think more holistically. Dr. Sroka found her personal path to healing through experiences/teachings with a Lakota healing family in SD, who adopted her into the Tiospaye over 20 years ago. She was led through a ceremonial process called Hanblache (Vision Quest) which was about her life’s work and the development of her faith. When she completed her Hanblache, she was told by her family that she had earned the right to teach. She is part of a Sweat Lodge family/community in MN which is growing. Selma Sroka began studying and practicing Curanderismo with Elena Avila about 10 years ago through retreats at Ghost Ranch, NM and conferences in MN, including travel with a group to the sacred sites around Mexico City in November 2010. Elena took the group to Rita Navarette Perez’s Healing Center, where Selma met Rita and her student Tonita Gonzales. Elena Avila passed on 4 months later, and it was Elena’s wake/funeral in March 2011 that reconnected Selma with Rita and Tonita. She has been traveling to Mexico and NM to study, practice, laugh and cry with them ever since. Through these relationships and the UNM course on Curanderismo: Traditional Healing Without Borders, has grown a community of support and friendship that has increased her resilience and inspired her work. 

Arlo Starr

Arlo Starr

Dr. Arlo Starr (Cherokee) is a licensed Doctor of Asian Medicine, acupuncturist and herbalist, and the owner of Red Root Acupuncture and Herbs in Albuquerque, New Mexico which has over 500 (mostly) organically grown loose herbs. He is the co-director of Native Acupuncture Project, a 501c3 working to revitalize language and healing traditions in Indigenous communities.  He has taught acupuncture and acudetox for addictions and trauma in Juarez, Guatemala, and various Indigenous communities throughout the Americas. He began working with herbs at age 12 when he learned how to harvest mushrooms in the redwood forests of Northern California, and stinging nettles, seaweeds and St. John’s Wort throughout the Pacific Northwest. He has apprenticed with traditional healers in Oklahoma and continues to work with plants daily. He has treated thousands of people of all ages, backgrounds, and ailments with herbs and natural medicine and is passionate about the revitalization of Indigenous languages and lifeways.

Joseph Tafur photo

Dr. Joe Tafur

Joe Tafur, M.D., is a Colombian-American family physician originally fromPhoenix, Arizona. After completing his family medicine training at UCLA, Dr.Tafur spent two years in academic research at the UCSD Department ofPsychiatry. After which, over a period of six years, he lived and worked in thePeruvian Amazon at the traditional healing center Nihue Rao Centro Espiritual.There he worked closely with master Shipibo shaman Ricardo Amaringo andtrained in ayahuasca shamanism, as described in his new book "The Fellowshipof the River: A Medical Doctor's Exploration into Traditional Amazonian PlantMedicine.”


Anselmo Torres

Dr. Anselmo Torres

Dr. Anselmo Torres Arizmendi has been involved with the Traditional Medicine without Borders class for more than 9 years. He will return again this year to present his dia de los muertos lecture. It has been a long journey from him home in Cuernavaca, Mexico to his first day at UNM in 1998 as a master’s degree student who spoke limited English. He was honored by the Senate of Argentina for his contributions to education and the economic development of Latin America. The Distincion Gubernador Enrique Tomas Crests is named for an enlightened public official in Argentina. Dr. Torres Arizmendi came to UNM in 1998 to work on his Master’s degree in Educational Administration, which led to an opportunity to earn a second Master’s degree in Paris, France through the UNESCO program. Aftewards, he returned to Mexico to design and create a campus for ministers of education throughout Latin American to study how to administer macro-systems. He returned to UNM to work on his Ph.D. while also teaching at the College of Education. He worked part-time for the Vice President of Student Affairs, where he organized conferences and events with universities in Mexico through the Office of Latin American Programs in Education for the College of Education. Currently, Dr. Torres Arizmendi now resides in Mexico.

Bernadette photo

Bernadette Torres

Grandma Herbalist, Teacher, Health Facilitator, Director of Shabeta’s Healing Garden, began her journey with medicinal plants and healing as a child in the mountains of Taos, New Mexico where her father introduced her to her first healing plants. She worked in health food stores since 2004, learning the valuable connection between heath and food. Recognizing the nutritional value in many plants, she became passionate about learning all she could from many amazing herbalists, curanderos, and healers from all over the world. Every summer, she leads private and public medicinal Plant ID hikes for the Integrative Medicinal Students at UNM and others. In 2009, she began teaching at the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, the only national recognized massage school that offers an herbal program. Since 2006, her journey brought her to study the Asheninka healing techniques from the central jungle of Peru with her partner Asheninka Mino. Together, they run an outdoor garden school where they can demonstrate the Plant life from seed to fruit. At this point in her life, she is primed to share this wealth of knowledge as a teacher ad herbal consultant. Offering unique apprenticeship programs geared to help students gain confidence by developing their own intuitive sense in the use of medicinal plants.

Manuel Terrazas Marquez

Manuel Terrazas Marquez

Born in the city of Delicias, Chihuahua, he married Maria Teresa Guevara in 1986 and has 5 children. Since his childhood, he has shown an interest in nature and what Mother Earth has to offer as he worked in agriculture alongside his father. He learned about the plants that grew around the environment he grow in, embracing their healing properties for any ailments that he and his family could think of. His interest in learning about medicinal plants helped him select his field of study. He studied at the University of Chihuahua and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Engineering with a concentration in Agronomy, which allowed him to continue studying nature and the crops of different plants. He has continued to involve his family in embracing medicinal plants and their beneficial properties, while also combating different ailments to maintain a healthier way of living. In 2004, with the support and guidance of the University of Chihuahua, he was able to obtain the first liter of oregano and deepened his understanding of it. He was able to prove its health benefits when one of his sons suffered from bronchial asthma. Near the end of 2004, Manuel Terrazas began to share the beneficial properties alongside his wife and older children, whom became more involved in this project. Little by little, he began to perfect his technique in extracting oregano oil and continues to study its benefits with his wife. In 2006, he began working with other natural producers in their region and began to participate in expositions throughout different states in Mexico through invitation by the state governments. In 2007, he obtained 1st place with the most successful project in the state of Chihuahua. In 2017, through his hard work, he obtains an Organic Certification for his product. Each year, in the month of August, he begins to invite individuals that will help him harvesting the oregano, which usually lasts from the end of August to the end of October. Each year, he is grateful to God for the rain in July and August that helps the oregano plant to grow, a noble plant needed, to continue doing his work and share its health benefits. 

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Robert Vetter

Robert Vetter, M.A., is a cultural anthropologist who has been conducting fieldwork in the area of spirituality and healing among the Southern Plains tribes since 1980.  He has been adopted into families in the Cheyenne, Kiowa and Comanche tribes.  His adopted grandfather was Oliver Pahdopony, the last medicine man of the Comanches.  Along with his adopted Kiowa uncle and medicine man Richard Tartsah Sr., he authored the book Big Bow: The Spiritual Life and Teachings of a Kiowa Family.  Through his organization Journeys Into American Indian Territory, he has been sharing experiential workshops with thousands of people since 1987. Bob is also a practitioner of curanderismo, and maintains a community temazcal at his home on Long Island, NY.