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Raices acknowledges our collective need to heal. How can we look to the past, the knowledge of our grandparents, and to indigenous traditions for examples of how to care for ourselves, each other, and the needs of our communities? 
We will draw on ancient and community wisdom to provide practical tools that can be easily shared for planning and preparing healthy meals, managing and preventing disease, and building community strength through talking circles, skill-shares, and community education.
Neighbors and friends of all ages, backgrounds, and faiths are invited to join us. 


  • Draw on the wisdom of the community to restore our connection to the land, environment, and healthy living.
  • Iintroduce participants to local accessible foods, recipes, herbs, and plants that contribute to healthy practices/lifestyles.
  • Foster a deeper connection to our neighbors, the wisdom of our grandparents, and the Earth.
  • Build relationships and networks that support the creation of community gardens and kitchens, intergenerational common space, and the insight of youth in nurturing and caring for the sustainability of our families and communities.