Online Class

UNM Online Credit Course:  Curanderismo:  the Art of Traditional/Mexican Folk Healing will once again be offered for UNM credit in upcoming fall and spring semesters!  

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Course Specifics

The class is offered for 3 undergraduate credit hours (may also be offered as graduate credit) and you must be registered as a UNM student to be eligible to take the course.  Once it is listed and ready for registration you will be able to register via:

We are currently working on the syllabus and the cross-listings for the fall and will post more information when it becomes available, so please keep checking back.  

Course Syllabus and Schedule

This is the online CREDIT version of the Summer 2-week class.  Students will receive either 3 hours of undergraduate or graduate credit depending on how they register.  The syllabus and schedule will be uploaded soon.  

About the Course

This full semester course will focus on Mexican Traditional healing and will consist of PowerPoint presentations and video lectures in addition to readings from books on the subject.  The course will expose students to the rituals, plants, and remedies that curanderos/as use to help people heal themselves from a variety of ailments.  Students will be asked to participate in weekly modules and answer a few brief questions after completing each module.  A final course paper will be due at the end of the semester in which students will be asked to include reflections on what they learned from the modules and assigned readings. 

The online course will be taught by Professor Eliseo Torres with video segments featuring demonstrations by curanderos/as from Mexico and the Albuquerque area. Some of the topics covered include: Medicinal Plants of the Southwest, Ventosas, Juice Therapy, Laugh Therapy, Acupuncture and much more!