Oaxaca Class

2017 Oaxaca Class

This course offers undergraduate and graduate students a cross-cultural learning opportunity focusing on Mexican traditional medicine.  Over 10 days (plus 3 travel days) in the beautiful southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, participants will learn about traditional (or some may call it nontraditional/complimentary/alternative) approaches to health and healing in both rural and urban settings in Oaxaca.  Students must have a valid passport and must be in good physical condition for challenging travel and adventure.  Students must also be willing to share modest accommodations. This course is open to students from all programs and disciplines as one of the strengths of the course is interacting with a group of interdisciplinary students. We also accept UNM faculty/staff, and professionals who can register for credit as non-degree students. 

2017 Oaxaca class application

2017 Oaxaca class flyer

2017 Oaxaca class syllabus