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Bio Park Herbalists

The class visits the Albuquerque Bio Park during one of the class sessions and is led on a walking tour by the following herbalists:  

Arlo Starr

Arlo Starr photo

Dr. Arlo Starr (Cherokee) is the owner of Red Root Acupuncture and Herbs in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He began working with herbs at age 12 when he began wild harvesting mushrooms in the redwood forests of Northern California, and then stinging nettles, seaweeds and St. John’s Wort throughout the Pacific Northwest. He continued his herbal training with farmers, permaculturists and healers in California, Mexico and New Mexico, and apprenticed with 2 different Cherokee traditional healers in Cherokee Nation. He went on to become a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine through Southwest Acupuncture College in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he managed the herbal pharmacy for 2 years, and completed over 3000 hours of training in Asian medicine and Chinese herbalism.  

Monica Lucero

Monica Lucero photo

Dr. Monica Lucero DOM is a Native New Mexican that has dedicated her life to preserving traditional medicine in all its forms.  She is a Nationally Licensed Acupuncturist, Sobadora (traditional body worker) and herbalist, with passion and love for Native Herbs.  She currently practices at Two Red Brother's Herbal Apothecary and at Del Corazon Medicine.  


Dianne Rand

Dianne Rand photo

Dianne Rand is a nurse practitioner and herbalist. She practiced Rural Health Medicine in South Dakota and New Mexico and has experience in family practice, geriatrics, psychiatry, energy medicine and counseling. She graduated from UND in 1975 as a Family Nurse Practitioner and from NMHU in 1993 with a Masters in Social Work. She has studied western herbalism in Montana, Arkansas & New Mexico and " Medicina Tradicional de Mexico in Cuernavaca, Mexico.  Dr. Vasant Lad, Sonia Masocco, Simon Chokoisky,  Dr. Claudia Welch, and Dr. Robert Svoboda have been her teachers at the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque. Her focus is education and empowerment for optimal health and well being.  People often come to her seeking alternatives to pharmaceutical medication.  She is experienced in helping them with that transition, focusing on lifestyle, nutrition, herbs and other holistic approaches.  Dianne gives talks on "Folk Healing and Plants used by the Curanderos" and is a docent for the habitat garden at the Albuquerque Garden Center. Having grown up on a ranch in South Dakota, her passion is being in nature and in her own garden with the plants. 

Katherine San Martin

Kata San Martin Bio

My name Is Katherine San Martin, and I was born and raised in Bernalillo New Mexico. My Great Grandmother was a local Curandera in the town and surrounding communities. I am sure she and her lineage is where my passion comes from. As a small child I developed a relationship with the plants and cultivated this connection as an adult. I have acquired many certifications in Herbal Studies including the one which was offered here at UNM’s Continuing Education by CEDEHC in Cuernavaca Mexico. I have taken many trips to Mexico to study with Healers who practice upon various backgrounds and modality specialties.  I am also a Colon Hydro therapist, Sobadora, Herbal medicine maker and Student of the Tetzkatlipoka Tradition. I currently work for La Montanita Coop and have spent the last 23 years working in Natural Food stores and working with public in whatever capacity I am called upon. I am always humbled by the opportunity to share whatever knowledge and skills that God has blessed me with. Ometeotl.

Kate Viers

Kate Viers photoKate has been immersing herself in herbal medicine for over 10 years and has been integrating plants into her life and the lives of those around her since she was a child. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge with budding herbalists and the broader community and teaches a range of herbal subjects for both the lay person and the practicing herbalist, and specializes in community healthcare, plant/people connection and reproductive health. As a clinician, she utilizes a mixed modality that includes; western herbalism, folk medicine, Ayurveda, mindfullness, aromatherapy and flower essence therapy.Kate Viers is a community supported clinical herbalist who is passionate about plants, people, beekeeping, nature, gardening, sustainable living, community, and social justice.

She is a co-founder and herbalist at the Cottonwood Medicine Collective; an organization which works to bring affordible herbal healthcare to the people, by operating a sliding scale clinic (which starts at zero dollars), in Albuquerque and surrounding areas. Following her passion for aromatics, she created Indie Aromatics; a small scale distillery and perfumery, where she crafts high quality and ecologically friendly essential oils, hydrosols and natural perfumes.

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Susan Feaveryear

Feaveryear photo

Susan Feavearyear is the owner and herbalist of Artemisia Herbs.  She began her herbal studies in 1987 with a short apprenticeship at Gaia Herbs and continued on by attending many herbal conferences on the East Coast. She began studying medicinal plants of the Southwest when she moved to New Mexico in 1989. After years of experience working with various local herbalists and curanderas, including working at Herbs, Etc., in Santa Fe, NM, she went to the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine to study with Michael Moore in 1995. Susan founded Artemisia Herbs in 1993. Along with running the business, she now has a private practice offering transformational energy healing, herbal and spiritual counseling.  Artemisia Herbs specializes in creating herbal remedies sourced from wild-crafted and local organically grown herbs. The company offers a variety of herbal remedies for the whole self and works with practitioners throughout the United States offering custom formulas. The business has been a vendor at the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market for over 25 years. Artemisia Herbs’ herbal products can now be found in Albuquerque at local farmers’ markets and are sold to regional co-operative markets throughout New Mexico.

Jessica Villalobos